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Global Terminology is a Corporate Training & Consulting company formed in early 2011 by a dedicated team of Subject Matter Specialists & Certified trainers across different industries. Through our highly proficient Business Improvement Principals, Consultants and Professionals; we provide services that offer value creation and enable improvement and sustainability, by reflecting global best business practices and implementing advanced improvement methodologies. We specialize in developing the full potential of one of the most valuable assets any organization possesses – Knowledge.


Our knowledge & experience gained over many years; can be set to profitable use for any organization.

We quantified the difference between the conditions as they exist and conditions as they should exist. We use a selection of blended techniques; from human psychology, to behavioural and coaching methods, in addition to application in our trainings to ensure maximum results and build the habit of continuous change.

Global terminology is a competent dedicated multi-disciplinary management consultancy with the correct solution-based approach in meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Our experienced and directed team are well placed and equipped with experience and qualifications to carry out their functions with attentiveness and skill. It is our vision that Global Terminology may be of service to all prospective clients in the private, professional and public sector.

Our Vision

We envision delivering sustainable human capital for the future.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to design and deliver high impact development programs, and a wide range of consultancy services that produce outstanding human performance in your organization.

Our Blended Learning Methodology

Our goal is to: 

  • Meet your business unit training and development KPI's. 
  • Reinforce effective and efficient job performance. 
  • Develop business soft skills and principles. 
  • Focus on real-world performance of work tasks. 
  • Address issues that affect adult learning and behaviors.
  • Enhance corporate employee to follow your company strategy.


Workshops Methodology

Pre and Post Knowledge Tests 

A measurement of the learning received during the class as a result of comparing what the student knew before in a pre-test and after the class experience in a post-test.                                                                                   

Breaking Assumed Constraints 

Indicators that an assumed constraint may be holding you hostage are negative internal dialogue, excuses, and blaming statements. 

Skill Development Assessments

How can you learn and develop without assessing yourself in what you are learning.

Practical and Interactive

Cases are developed and delivered by former and sitting regulators and supervisors who have experienced these situations first hand and can therefore share what they have learned,focusing on what worked and what did not.     

Games and Activities

We use a “learning by doing” training methodology to support behavior change through highly interactive training.

Action Oriented

Our action planning methodology is a particularly powerful tool: through it,  participants identify, assess, and develop a solution to a specific challenge they face at their home agency.

Being a multi-disciplinary consultancy, Global Terminology offers a wide range of trainings, consultancy, and assessment centres,

Our business focuses on 10 key areas:

  1. Business re-engineering & process improvement.
  2. Training & development.
  3. Productivity.
  4. Consulting.
  5. Organizational Maturity Assessments.
  6. Workshop customization and course development.
  7. Coaching and mentoring services.
  8. Employee profile assessment and screening.
  9. Competency based assessments.
  10. Psychometric Tests.


1.Business re-engineering  &  process improvement

We help companies fundamentally restructure their organizations by focusing on the ground-up design of their business processes. According to Davenport (1990) a business process is a set of logically related tasks performed to achieve a defined business outcome. Re-engineering emphasizes a holistic focus on business objectives and how processes are related to them; in addition to encouraging a full-scale recreation of processes rather than reiterate optimization of sub-processes.

2.Training and development

We help organizations develop the function of human resource management concerned with organizational activities, aiming to enhance the performance of individuals and groups in the organizational settings.


We measure organizations’ level of proficiency and efficiency of productivity. This is presented as a measurement of the ratio of the input in opposition to the output of the production process.

We implement the practice of giving assistance to organizations in the direction of improving their performance, operating primarily through creating analysis of existing organizational problems, and initiating plans for further improvements.

5.Organizational Maturity Assessments
The usage of the maturity model allows the organization to comprise its methods and processes according to the management best practices, having a clear set of external benchmarks.

6.Workshop customization and course development
We offer customized professional development workshops for high and middle management, focusing on supervisory and leadership skills. If you have identified a specific development need common to a group of employees in your organization; our consultants will work with you to develop a tailored program to assist your employees improve their communication skills, work in cooperation with each other, and be team players by putting aside their personal goals and work on the same goals together.

7.Coaching and mentoring services
We offer a range of coaching and mentoring services designed to help executives and business owners who are dissatisfied with the status propelling their organizations to the next level of success. Program participants are result-oriented individuals who seek to enhance their business and personal performance, effectiveness, and leadership skills. They are open to considering alternative approaches, and accepting constructive feedback and changing behaviour.

8.Employee profile assessment and screening
We help organizations use pre-screening and assessment techniques early in the recruitment process before the first face-to-face interview or between the first and second interview.

9.Competency based assessments
The competency based assessment is an approach we implement to establish occupationally relevant standards of competence. The emphasis is on demonstrated capabilities in a significant attributes of the profession or industry.

10.Psychometric Tests
In every workshop we use Psychometric tests that measure the skill taught. Psychometric tests are a standard and scientific method used to measure individuals' mental capabilities and behavioural style. Psychometric tests are designed to measure candidates' suitability for a role, based on the required personality characteristics and aptitudes.

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